HR Software in Bangalore

Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited, a Bangalore based Company, an authorized software service provider engaged in HR and Payroll Software Development in Bangalore with maximum level protection. We take pride in rendering good and protective services to small- medium industries (SMI) and other sector for more than 5 years. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is constantly evolving and our developers constantly upgrade their skills to provide our customers proper software solutions in tune with the latest trends and technologies available.

Features :

    1. Statutory Details
      •    Provident Fund.
      •    Employee State Insurance.
      •    Effective Month based PF/ESI Rates Definition.
      •    Profession Tax.
      •    Effective Month based PT Rates Definition for multiple states.
      •    Tax Deduction at Source.
    2. Company Details
      •    Address capturing.
      •    Enabling PF.
      •    Enabling ESI with options for Individually calculating employer ESI, Limiting ESI Gross.
      •    Enable Bonus/Ex-Gratia.
      •    Enable TDS.
      •    Enable Gratuity.
    3. Configurable Options
      •    Maintain user defined employee identifier.
      •    Maintain HR Details.
      •    Configurable captions for Employee ID, Reference Number and Salary Structure.
      •    Standing Instructions - Advance, Loan, Insurance,
      •    Secure salary processed months.
      •    Maintain Salary Transfers directly to Employee Account (Adv. Bank).
      •    Flexi Pay.
      •    Consider excess leaves as Loss Of Pay.
      •    Allot leaves after certain number of days.
      •    Generate PF Forms 10 and 5.
      •    Restrict PF Employer contribution for each employee.
    4. Branch Creation
      •    With PF.
      •    With ESI.
      •    With PT.
    5. Multiple Attendance Management settings
      •    Leave Register.
      •    Attendance Daily .
      •    Attendance Monthly .
      •    Allotment Monthly.
    6. Defining different setting for same salary head across multiple Salary Structures
    7. Period dependent Salary Head definition
    8. Salary Heads can be defined as
      •    Formula .
      •    Slab.
      •    Company Lump sum .
      •    Every Month.
      •    Percentage based options for defining what amount of salary head is applicable for PF and ESI calculation.
    9. Each salary head can be defined to contribute towards PT .
    10. Setting required TDS references for each salary head for automatic Tax computation.
    11. Detailed employee information capturing with period based classification of data pertaining to department, designation, occupation, division, grade, branch, attendance head, bank account number and salary structure .
      •    Date wise change.
    12. Employee level applicability for PF, ESI, PT and TDS
      •    PF
      •    ESI
      •    PT
      •    TDS
    13. Setting PF/PT applicability/non applicability from
      •    Set Date
    14. Maintain other employee details like, qualification, blood group, images, references, languages, training programs, special dates, family details, memos, disciplinary actions taken etc.
    15. Maintain financial institution/bank details for standing instructions and salary remittance.
    16. Attendance Management
      •    Create unlimited number of leaves / on duty items
      •    Maintain Holiday list with a master list and attendance head based list
      •    Configure allotments for automatically set the leave to be allotted to employee
      •    Maintain encashment of leaves either as separate payment or payment through salaries
    17. Standing Instruction
      •    Advance/Loan, manage individual or bulk entries. Options to readjust manually/automatically.
      •    Insurance. Manage premium payments on insurance policies taken by employee
      •    Group Insurance. Manage premium payments done for group policy taken on a group of employees
    18. Bonus/Ex-Gratia. Define infinite number based on user defined formula. TDS applicability if required can also be made.
    19. Gratuity payments based on theoretical / earned salaries. Provision to consider taxable amount for tax computation
    20. Medical Reimbursement based on followed practices
    21. Automated Salary Calculation
      •    Advance Bank Detail
      •    Release Salary
    22. Create unlimited number of additional payments/deductions done each month
    23. Provision given to apply the additional deductions made to required tax deduction references for automatic tax computation
    24. Arrears
    25. Salary Adjustment
    26. Full and Final settlement
    27. Import / Export options for employee details, attendance details and salaries
      •    Employee Master
      •    HR Details
      •    Leave Register
      •    Attendance Daily
      •    Attendance Hourly
      •    Attendance Monthly
      •    Salary Rate
      •    Salary Details
    28. Process immediate previous month salary
    29. Payroll Calendar
    30. Security at product and data file level
    31. Group based data access for users.
    32. Backup and restore .

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